A few “before” floats for Carnaval, and a some of the colorful ladies lining up for the parade to start. It hasn’t even started yet and the ground is already covered in confetti. And silly string. Nuts.


More un-silly string-ed Carnavale floats.


These are some of Nice’s parade floats that are moving into position. You can tell because none of them are covered in confetti or silly string yet. Yet.


Nice sur la mer! 


More pictures of Nice, pre-Carnavale. The sunshine was lovely, the market was bustling, and overall the city was at its prime.


Some pictures of Nice before Carnavale started. I love Nice so much - it’s beautiful, the people seem happier and friendlier than other French cities, and it doesn’t even smell like pee! So far every city I’ve been to has smelled like pee. Even you, Monte Carlo. But Nice was fantastic!

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